Monday, 6 February 2012

Hardcore Camping at minus 10

So I know this post is late but myself and Ali were camping on Friday night for our 'one night a month challenge' and then I spent the weekend sleeping. So down to the camping; just a basic camp, one night in a field with a fire and some tents. But it was a little more complicated than that, the tap had frozen by 18:00 so we had one burco of water to last 30 people a whole night and the morning. We spent the evening cooking sausages and marshmallows on the alter fire and just chilling, another highlight was my amazingly talented harmonica playing (although Ali disagrees). By 00:00 we decided it was time to call it a night, the one minor set back occurred when I tried to take my contact lenses out, only to find that the solution in the cage had frozen. 10 mins in a mug of hot water soon had it sorted but it was a stark reminder just how cold it was away from the fire!! After a cold night we were awakened at 06:45 by my alarm going off. It was a case of back into the cold and on with breakfast- we cooked 64 sausages and 50 rashers of bacon for the rabble that did not emerge from the warmth of their tents until 08:00. The things we do!! So all in all a very cold but very enjoyable night. We'll have some new videos up for you soon and keep your eyes peeled for the new shop up soon.

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Luke and Ali- Ravine Outdoors

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